Tabletop Toolkit is a creative workshop covering the fundamentals of board game design.

The workshop is ideal for anyone with an idea who whats to go to the next step, budding games designers with an existing prototype, or those looking for a fun creative project.

Tabletop Toolkit combines quality learning on the theory of game design with creative workshop sessions, making it an ideal opportunity to learn about tabletop game design, theory, and practice.

Whether you’ve already got a prototype, or you just love games and want to find out how they work, this workshop will be for you. There’ll be opportunities to discuss creative ideas and work your concept up into a prototype; along with getting to grips with the key principles of game design.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a working prototype based on a combination of game design theory and a creative process overseen by the course host.

What you will be doing:

The workshop focuses on key aspects of game design including player experience, win conditions, mechanics, themes, narrative, and much more. Wrapped up with creative breakouts to make and test prototypes, the workshop offers a unique opportunity to create, and to learn the principles behind game design.

At the end of the workshop, every participant will have a prototype to take home along with a working knowledge of some key game design principles and a solid understanding of how to take their game further.

The principles covered and creative breaks are universally accessible, and will be useful to game designers of all ages. The workshop is open to anyone above the age of 13.

Notebook and hand-made playing cards on a table.