Corporate Workshops

Organisations and businesses often need a creative, interactive and thought-provoking experience to inspire and bond their employees.

The bespoke corporate Tabletop Toolkit workshop is designed to facilitate delegates in working together, learning new creative processes, and devising and making a board game.

Building on the idea of creating a game which is a shared experience for the players, the workshop looks at emotional responses, win states, narratives, and equity. The format of mini workshops and creative break-outs provide plenty of bonding and team-working opportunities.

Workshop Outcomes

The workshop will provide a fun and informative session of creativity and learning. By working from the foundation of giving the end user a desired play experience, the creative process will focus on consumer-facing solutions to a creative challenge. The team-based afternoon will provide an opportunity for bonding and friendly rivalry, ending with a chance to share and review as a whole team.


Workshops can be a full or half day, and are priced on a case by case basis according to duration, number of delegates, and other considerations.

Pricing includes:

  • Resources and materials for making game prototypes which attendees can keep
  • Preparation and planning of bespoke workshop
  • Workshop delivery

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